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Warm Inside

When I was a child, I used to walk with my father through wild fields. We would stop, and my dad would show me a Sassafras tree and let me taste the bark, which tastes similar to licorice or root beer. Later that field gave way to a long shopping center. Our walks are a treasured memory, and I’m wondering if it is worth trying to transfer them to a picture book.

Here’s the first draft of a beginning and ending.  Please use my contact form to let me know if you feel Warm Inside is worth writing.

“One more story, Pop-pop, please.”

“I’ve already read you two books, Shanna.”

“One more story, Pop-pop, please.”

“It’s time to close your eyes and drift off to sleep.”

“Please, tell me about the Sassafras tree and how it helps you fall fast asleep by making you feel all warm inside.”

Usually, I fall asleep quickly because there’s an itty-bitty warm spot in me that spreads and makes me feel good all over. But sometimes something in me feels cold, and I have trouble drifting into dreamland. That’s when I think about the Sassafras tree.”

Middle: We go for a walk through open fields that now have given way to shopping centers, and my father and I pick sarsaparilla bark. Eventually, we wind up at a deli and have homemade chicken noodle soup. Q&A show that the area has changed dramatically. We discover that change has its benefits.

A concept for the ending:
“I feel warmer already, Pop-Pop.”
And when Sasha fell asleep Pop-Pop kissed her a special good night kiss and said, “Sleep tight,” Pop-Pop felt warm inside.