The Quiet Book

The Quiet Book, written by Deborah Underwood inspired Alan Jordan to write a number of soothing forthcoming books like Many Kinds of Love.The next time that you want to put your children to bed, pull out The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood and illustrator Renata Liwska and read it with them.

It’s a soothing story that helps a child to relax and think about the world in a slightly different way because it helps them to revisit different times of the day when they naturally want to be or appreciate, quiet.

Wanting to be quiet is important to children. Kids hate to be told to be quiet. It doesn’t seem fair to them, besides they don’t think of themselves as being noisy. There’s no moral in this story that says be quiet. A strange thing happened when my daughter (who is all grown up with a kid of her own) reflected upon the quiet moments that happened during her day–she unwound and was both relaxed and serene

Renata Liwska’s illustrations are as close as you can come to holding a teddy bear when all you have is a book. The artwork tells it’s own story, which usually is the case with well-illustrated books. I can only hope that she will one day illustrate some of my work.

When I read this book, I immediately took out a stack of sticky notes and started writing my own, completely different story, about different types of love.  I thought it would be easy. Guess what? I’m still working on the manuscript for Many Kinds of Love.  The amount of time that has passed, over six months, shows me how challenging the task of writing The Quiet Book probably was for Deborah Underwood.

Well, why not.  The easiest to read books are often the most complex to write.  In children’s picture books, every word counts. You won’t find an extra word in The Quiet Book. And, I did not notice any extraneous strokes in the illustrations. (I want Renata Liwska to illustrate one of my forthcoming books.)

Perhaps the perfect simplicity of The Quiet Book why it’s won so many awards.

By the way, the Kindle edition of The Quiet Book is inexpensive, so you can buy a copy for your phone and always have it handy when you’re traveling, and need something to quiet the kids down after a long day on the road or adventure.