The Interdependent Web – 300 Word Synopsis

300-Word Synopsis of the Interdependent Web

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Eleven-year-old Jonathan Alexander’s steel-gray eyes swept the school yard and saw no one to come to his aid. He said the words that he had bottled up within himself the whole school year, “I’m not going to flunk my courses by letting you cheat off me, Piggy Iggy.”

While fleeing from the bully Jonathan gets lost, runs across a covered bridge, and hides. His friend, Rahim, tricks Iggy and his cronies into looking elsewhere for Jonathan. The two explore the fantastical jewelry store.

Simultaneously, another of their sixth-grade classmates, Jade Chen, is lead to the same store by her pet hamsters, who suddenly can talk.

When circumstances bring them together, they discover that they each possess one of the three Rings of Understanding. To save the world from destruction by a masked rogue planet, they must restore communication, understanding, cooperation, and synergy between all species.

They team up with wizard shopkeepers, their teacher, plants and three kinds of “imaginary” creatures: dragons, unicorns, and mermaids to re-establish extrasensory communications between animals and plants and restore an organic worldwide defense matrix. Last employed 65 million years ago, this matrix is the only hope for Earth’s survival.

Although the efforts of Jonathan, Rahim and Jade are constantly criticized, and the world’s leaders seem not to accept the fact that a rogue planet will strike Earth causing 98% of all life to be wiped out, the plant network created by the three children arranges for a worldwide broadcast of music. The piece engenders world-wide inter-species harmony and empowers the creation of a shield that changes the course of the rogue planet.

Eventually, Jonathan and his friends, are hailed as the force behind the revitalized Interdependent Web of All Existence and credited with the survival of life on Earth.

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