The Case of the Missing Cherries

The letters in the alphabet decide to do more than just make words when they start the ABC Detective Agency and get “Complete answers from A to Z,” for their clients. Awesome.

Their first adventure starts when mom returns home with lots of food, but Mom can’t find the cherries she needs for the special dessert she needs for dinner guests.  The letters of the alphabet collaborate to solve The Case of the Missing Cherries.

About this Revision

My initial goal was to list all of the letters of the alphabet and use alliteration.  The first draft was ho-hum. I put it on hold.  I’m rewriting, filling the book with the type of action that I love so much in Josh Funk’s Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast.  The race is on to find the missing cherries, and it’s every letter for him or herself.  (Not really.  There’s some teamwork, too.)

I’m no longer featuring each letter of the alphabet equally, and I’m using high-vocabulary-level words like “Loquacious.” (The character of “L” doesn’t stop talking unless forced to do so.

A Collaborative Opportunity for Students

I’m particularly interested in using virtual classroom visits to workshop this manuscript. Teachers, tell your kids that they can be part of the success of a book that’s that will, as “C” would put it,  “catapult to the top” of best-seller lists.

Please use my contact page to request a plain text or “rich text” manuscript.