“Dragon Eggs?” or The World’s Most Amazing Chicken

Idea Genesis

Hannah Harrison's delightful book Extraordinary Jane

Hannah Harrison’s delightful book

The top illustration, which reminded me of two brother dragons, plus reading Hannah Harrison’s book, Extraordinary Jane, got me to thinking about writing a book that demonstrates that anyone can be extraordinary (like Hannah Harrison did in her book). I want to approach the lesson in a totally different way.  Hanna’s book was published in 2015.  Perhaps we can even co-author a book together. That’s an idea I’m going to explore.

IMPORTANT:  This is an idea. It will be revised and refined.

Possible Plot Line

A mother dragon is caring for four eggs – bright green, bright magenta, bright yellow and dull white. The eggs hatch. The first three are dragons. The last one does hatch right away. The mother dragon warms the dull white egg with a touch of fire and it hatches.  Out pops a chicken.

The chicken imprints on the mother dragon, who feeds it dragon milk.

As time goes by the chicken does not feel special at all.  But one day, an event happens and the chicken is able to save a number of dragon eggs from a  predator by shooting out fire despite the fact that she is a chicken.  The marauder flees.  But one of the eggs has fallen from the nest into a stream which is ice cold. It starts to shiver.

The chicken pushes the egg out of the water and sits on it and until, just as the mother dragon comes in, it hatches, and all are well.

The chicken is deemed the World’s Most Amazing Chicken.