My Little Polar Bear

Serenity is well established after reading this beautiful book at bedtime.

My Little Polar Bear by Colombian picture book author/illustrator Claudia Rueda is one of those rare fiction books that’s quiet, calming and filled with interesting facts. As a mama polar bear and her cub journey through the Arctic readers develop an affinity and appreciation for polar bears.

The beautiful, minimal artwork is captivating. Best yet, when story time is over, readers (children and adults alike) are usually serene. Children are ready to go to drift off to sweet dreams.

Twenty percent of the way through reading this book I asked myself, “What unique work can I write to provide this same sort of serenity for children at bedtime? I also visualized my book helping them feel closer to nature.  “Ask, and you shall receive.” I’m currently polishing the text of my forthcoming book. I visualize it helping children worldwide learn more about panda bears

Have you ever heard the expression “Ask and you shall receive?” Inspiration flowed, and six months later I’m polishing the text of my forthcoming book, My Sweet Panda Bear.  

Authors rarely get an opportunity to select their illustrator, but I hope that one day Claudia Rueda will accept an offer to illustrate my book.  Click this link to travel to Amazon.com, and look inside the My Little Polar Bear.