Marketing Resources for Writers

This website is a searchable database that collects Tweets from editors and agents with the #MSWL hashtag.

For obtaining feedback:

For Twitter Parties like #PBPitch:  Finding Favorites:

Here are some tips that were posted on Facebook:  “You may also get a list of anyone’s tweets, including your own, in any given contest by going to the top right-hand corner of the Twitter page and searching the contest hashtag and the person’s Twitter handle (e.g., #ContestName @JaneDoe). This is really helpful in keeping track of your tweets during and after the contest (you have them all in one place/page and can see how each did). Retweets won’t show up (unless the Twitter handle and contest name are both in the body of the email, which is usually not the case when retweeting pitches). Anyone can do this, including agents.”

Another great one is looking at the agent’s Twitter page and then clicking on their “favorites”. For example, my agent Jessica Sinsheimer, if you click on her “favorites” and scroll down to 6/24, you’ll see all the PB’s that she liked.  If you do this for all the agents who participated, you can get a good feel for what kind of stories appealed to them.