I Appreciate My Fans

It is unlikely that my fans will ever come together in an event like a soccer game or a concert. The private nature of being a writer means that I have to do more to earn and keep your loyalty.  I pledge to do everything in my power to make you feel great about being one of my fans, and if you’re not a fan yet, I invite you to become one.

Rewards for My Fans

I’ve earned loyal fans by writing books that address children’s needs in unique ways. I created a special Creative Edition of The Monster on Top of the Bed. It empowers children to write their stories directly on the Italian-ice-cream-parlor-delicious artwork of Manuela Pentangelo.

I give away digital downloads of some of my work for children and adults, including the Creative Edition of The Monster on Top of the Bed.  A printable .pdf file lets parents and teachers help children practice before the child writes in the printed book.  The CD/small booklet version of the book reads the story in several languages. I make the soundtrack of this CD available for free to any of my fans when they have purchased a book or CD.

I’ll do whatever I can to convince my publishers to provide resources that fans will enjoy.  Just let me know what would make you feel cherished.

My Five-Year Goals

My five-year goals include having two-to-five New York Times best-selling picture books. I appreciate your spreading the word about my writing and anything you can do to help motivate publishers to print large runs.

Help Me Help Children

If these strategies resonate with you, I’d appreciate your help.  If they don’t feel right to you, please use my contact page to express your thoughts and feelings.

  1. If you happen to know of a publisher that you feel would want to publish one of my books, please let me know. I need to recruit publishers for the books that you see listed under Polished Manuscripts.
  2.  If you have a favorite manuscript that you would like to see published first, please let me know. I need to polish the books that you see itemized on this website under Beta Manuscripts and submit them to publishers.
  3. If you happen to know someone who might like a visit, please let me know. I will visit schools and other organizations to teach students and adults writing techniques.  These may be (1) In-person visits; (2) Virtual Visits (webinars); or (3) telephone conferences.
  4. If you are a social media type person and are interested in helping me get the word out, please let me know. I need to use social media more.
  5. If you someone who might be interested in doing a story about me or any of my current or forthcoming books, please ask them to contact me. You will help me to reach out to bloggers, radio shows, TV shows and other media.

To reach out to me, please use my contact page.

To Buy The Monster on Top of the Bed