Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

Josh Funk's Lady Pancake and French Toast has challenged author Alan H. Jordan to write a book where all of the letters of the alphabet race to solve the case of the missing cherries and other books in the forthcoming ABC Detective series.

Excitement abounds from the moment the refrigerator door is open.

In my opinion, Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk is the most entertaining book ever written about an adventure within a refrigerator. It is also in my top ten most entertaining picture books written in the last five years.

Crafted in rhyme and filled with fantasy-packed action this book will take you on an adventure as Lady Pancake and a slice of French Toast vie to get the last drop of syrup.

The action is hot, heavy, humorous and non-stop, with perhaps the most rapid pacing that I’ve ever read in a picture book. Although all of the action is outrageous, it is totally believable to the child’s mind, as well as to teens and adults who read the story to children.

To be honest, this book is not perfect bedtime reading for some children–its frantic pace may make them hyper. If you feel that your child is easily excitable at bedtime, read it to them when they get up, or in the middle of the afternoon, or anytime.  I guarantee you one thing: You’ve have a great experience.

Brendan Kearney, the illustrator of Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast by Josh Funk has the wild and wolly creativity to illustrate Alan Jordan's forthcoming series of children's books, The ABC Detectives.

Perhaps one day Brendan Kearney, who focuses on children’s books instead of his former career in architecture will illustrate some of my books.

Brendan Kearney’s superb illustrations complete and perfect the wonderfully lyrical text.

As an accomplished writer, I wouldn’t even try to write a competitive book.

But, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast stimulates and challenges my creativity, so I’ve decided to write a series of books where the letters of the alphabet race to solve crimes.  The first book in this series has the working title of The Case of the Missing Cherries.

In a separate forthcoming post I’ll fill you in on some of the trials and tribulations that I’m conquering while writing a story whose energy was inspired by Josh Funk’s Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast.

Here’s a link to the book at Barnes & Noble. Grab your copy now.