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The Secret Lives of Letters

A unique series of 26 picture books, each of which delves into the secret life of a letter. I start the series with Z and move backward through the alphabet to A.

The first four working titles are:

  • Z Speaks Out
  • Why Y Why
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Wild Wooly W


We’re Both Winners

Denny Dumptruck has to carry waste water. Unhappy, he bullies, & almost kills Racetruck. Then, Denny changes gears.

About We’re Both Winners

  • Allows children to discover the days of the week.
  • Gentle story that helps bullies see that they may be better off not bullying
  • Many exciting illustration possibilities.

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Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

By “X” and “O”

As told to Alan H. Jordan
(Draft 3 02-12-2017)

[I visualize concrete poetry and/or playful word art or illustrations that make each word or stanza unique. A digital mockup is available.]


 We love kisses.

Quick kisses.


Long kisses.


All kinds of kisses.


Kiss Kiss

Kiss Smooch Kiss


Daddy kisses.


Kiss. Kiss.

Big Kiss.

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Come In, Come In

A mock up cover for Alan H. Jordan's book of poetry for children-- Come In Come in. Alan's tribute to Shel Silverstein

A mock-up cover for Alan H. Jordan’s book of poetry for children–
Come In Come in. Alan’s tribute to Shel Silverstein.

Please use my contact page to request a manuscript.

I am particularly interested in working with teachers and homeschoolers who would like to share this manuscript with students and share student’s impressions and suggestions with me. Possibly, we could do this in a virtual visit.

Here’s another mock-up poem:



Safari Sam

After passing his final tests, Safari Sam, a wheelchair, is daydreaming about his new life transporting children at the zoo.  Another customer comes in and wants to buy him to carry around, of all things, a kangaroo.

Safari Sam does the only thing he can think to do. Will it be enough to make sure that he gets to cater to the children of the zoo of his dreams?

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One, Two, Three–More or Less

About 123 More or Less

  • 170 word PB Counting Book
  • Shows diverse family situations
  • Develops set recognition


More or Less


One cat,
Two kittens.
Family of three.

Two puppies,
One cat.
Family of three.

One Kitten,
Two Cats
Family of three.

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Billy Paints a New Day


A dark cloud followed Billy everywhere that he went. Lightning flashed. Rain fell on him. Well, that part is not true, but it sure felt like that to Billy.

Billy banged the stiff paint brush down on the ground. He knew could not paint his mom’s bird house with the brush. The stupid brush could not bend.

Everything was going great for his big sister. Evelyn was all happy and singing songs…

… but things were not going great for Billy.

His bad luck started this morning. When he pulled the toys out of his closet looking for Sky Chief. He found Sky Chief when he heard a CRAAAACK that made his tummy feel sick.

The End

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