Magical Night

The goal of Magical Night is to help children help sea turtles reach the sea by allowing children to discover the beauty of turtles hatching and starting their life by following the moon to the sea.

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I don’t want my book to feel didactic. I do want the artwork to be the star of the book, and I do want the book to appeal to adults as well as children.

I’m on the right track because early readers make comments like this:

  • I grew up on an island in Florida before beach light laws were enacted. Many nights I helped reorient tiny hatchlings as they paddled furiously toward the ocean. I think you captured that magic.
  • Your story is just beautiful. I live in Florida near the ocean I have never witnessed this event but have heard lovely things about it. You seem to have captured that magical night. I love your revision. Great job!
  • I love the idea of it being a magical night when the turtles walk to the sea.
  • Your text is absolutely lovely, as is the message.
The story still needs a little work, and if you teach a class and want to use it as a point of discussion, I’d be pleased to do a webinar with your class on a Friday. I’m sure that they’ll find it very interesting to help refine a book.
Please use my contact page to request a manuscript and set up a webinar.