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One, Two, Three–More or Less

About 123 More or Less 170 word PB Counting Book Shows diverse family situations Develops set recognition Excerpt One-Two-Three More or Less   One cat, Two kittens. Family of three. Two puppies, One cat. Family of three. One Kitten, Two Cats Family of three. Please use my contact page to request a manuscript

“Dragon Eggs?” or The World’s Most Amazing Chicken

Idea Genesis The top illustration, which reminded me of two brother dragons, plus reading Hannah Harrison’s book, Extraordinary Jane, got me to thinking about writing a book that demonstrates that anyone can be extraordinary (like Hannah Harrison did in her book). I want to approach the lesson in a totally different way.  Hanna’s book was […]

Apply to be an Ambassador

Ambassadors are excited to reach out and tell the world about Alan’s writing. Ambassadors may be (in no special order):  Bloggers People who love to use social media Book reviewers Librarians Students Teachers Writers Anyone who is interested in helping others to know about Alan’s books and courses. Ambassadors receive special privileges.

Apply to be a Beta Reader

Beta Readers read a book manuscript before it is published.  Beta readers help to refine the story. The story is not likely to be completely rewritten as a result of Beta Reader comments. Beta Readers receive special benefits.


Billy Paints a New Day

Excerpt A dark cloud followed Billy everywhere that he went. Lightning flashed. Rain fell on him. Well, that part is not true, but it sure felt like that to Billy. Billy banged the stiff paint brush down on the ground. He knew could not paint his mom’s bird house with the brush. The stupid brush […]

Apply to be an Alpha Reader

Alpha readers have the opportunity to read the manuscript for a book when it is in the very early stages. Alpha Readers receive special benefits. Often, Alpha Readers have a tremendous influence on the final shape of the book. Here are some comments that have been submitted by Alpha Readers. As a result of their feedback, […]

Marketing Resources for Writers

This website is a searchable database that collects Tweets from editors and agents with the #MSWL hashtag. http://www.manuscriptwishlist.com/ For obtaining feedback: http://manuscriptacademy.com/conferences/meetings-critiques-agents-editors/ For Twitter Parties like #PBPitch:  Finding Favorites: Here are some tips that were posted on Facebook:  “You may also get a list of anyone’s tweets, including your own, in any given contest by […]

The Jeweled Planets Series

Hello and welcome, This webpage is a placeholder. It will be revised later. I’m writing a series of books for children in the middle grades of school. The first book in the series is The Tale of the Occluded Emerald.  This webpage is a placeholder. For more information, please use my contact page.