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Useful web sites for authors

These are websites that I have found helpful. I will add more from time-to-time. Craft Adding Fun & Interest The Onomatopoeia Dictionary at WrittenSound.com – Great for finding how to express a sound in written American English. http://adjectivesstarting.com/ – When I need an adjective that starts with a specific letter, but I can’t think of the right […]

Other ways to make a digital dummy

One reason for making a dummy is to determine if you have a viable concept.  Creating a dummy can help you to visualize when you have too many or two few pages. It can help you to communicate your concept to a publisher. It can help you to decide if you want to self publish. Depending […]

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss By “X” and “O” As told to Alan H. Jordan (Draft 3 02-12-2017) [I visualize concrete poetry and/or playful word art or illustrations that make each word or stanza unique. A digital mockup is available.]    We love kisses. Quick kisses. Kiss Long kisses. Kisssssssssssssssss All kinds of kisses. Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss […]


Socks and Shoes are Fun

Socks and Shoes are Fun captures the joy that children feel as they explore their socks and shoes. Universal in its appeal, it reveals a child’s sense of wonder as she or he discovers the secrets of right and left. Please use my contact page to request a manuscript.


Come In, Come In

Please use my contact page to request a manuscript. I am particularly interested in working with teachers and homeschoolers who would like to share this manuscript with students and share student’s impressions and suggestions with me. Possibly, we could do this in a virtual visit. Here’s another mock-up poem: `  

Download a Word Document to Make a Picture Book Dummy

I have found many wonderful resources for creating picture book dummies, but I have never found a Word document.  I built one.  It’s a complicated process that involves using overlaying objects, but once it is made it is easy to use.     It’s my pleasure to post my Word document, which you may use […]


My Sweet Panda Bear

Panda bears are many people’s favorite bear! MY SWEET PANDA BEAR learns about his bundle-of-joy beginnings and more, as he & his mom journey back to his birthplace. A peaceful book that makes a great bedtime story. Critiqued comments: Hi Alan, I love the gentle (sleepytime) tone of your manuscript. I watched a program recently about pandas […]


Safari Sam

After passing his final tests, Safari Sam, a wheelchair, is daydreaming about his new life transporting children at the zoo.  Another customer comes in and wants to buy him to carry around, of all things, a kangaroo. Safari Sam does the only thing he can think to do. Will it be enough to make sure […]