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Racecar Dreams

A quick read through of Racecar Dreams by Sharon Chriscoe with illustrations by Dave Mottram reveals an exciting day for a racecar who is intensely focused on his goals. He’s so focused that he falls asleep dreaming about winning the big race.  If you have children who play any form of sports, that might sound familiar. Most children and kids […]


The Quiet Book

The next time that you want to put your children to bed, pull out The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood and illustrator Renata Liwska and read it with them. It’s a soothing story that helps a child to relax and think about the world in a slightly different way because it helps them to revisit different times of the […]

We’re Both Winners

Denny Dumptruck has to carry waste water. Unhappy, he bullies, & almost kills Racetruck. Then, Denny changes gears. About We’re Both Winners Allows children to discover the days of the week. Gentle story that helps bullies see that they may be better off not bullying Many exciting illustration possibilities. Request a manuscript


Walk, Walk, Walk

Have a grand time taking a morning walk around a lake. It’s an adventure filled with fun and sounds as Blaze the Border Collie encounters frogs, swans, ducks, bicycles, bees. Artistic Note: I am considering writing several additional stories that feature a dog talking a walk, each with the unique voice of that particular breed: […]

The Case of the Missing Cherries

The letters in the alphabet decide to do more than just make words when they start the ABC Detective Agency and get “Complete answers from A to Z,” for their clients. Awesome. Their first adventure starts when mom returns home with lots of food, but Mom can’t find the cherries she needs for the special […]


Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

In my opinion, Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk is the most entertaining book ever written about an adventure within a refrigerator. It is also in my top ten most entertaining picture books written in the last five years. Crafted in rhyme and filled with fantasy-packed action this book will take you on an adventure […]


My Little Polar Bear

My Little Polar Bear by Colombian picture book author/illustrator Claudia Rueda is one of those rare fiction books that’s quiet, calming and filled with interesting facts. As a mama polar bear and her cub journey through the Arctic readers develop an affinity and appreciation for polar bears. The beautiful, minimal artwork is captivating. Best yet, when […]


All Through My Town

Joy effervesces as readers discover treasures when touring a fictional small town in All Through My Town by Jean Reidy A combination of vibrant, dynamic artwork by Leo Timmers and superb writing makes each page jump out. It’s hard to create a rhyming rhythm that makes a book easy to read and remember. It’s difficult to cram action that children enjoy into […]


Tap the Magic Tree

When I finished my first reading of Tap the Magic Tree by author-illustrator Christie Matheson, I knew that I wanted to write a book about the cycles of life. But, I didn’t want to duplicate Tap the Magic Tree. It’s perfect. I love the multiple ways that it gets and maintains children’s interest. Tap the Magic Tree begins to weave its literary […]