All Through My Town

A delightful book for pre-schoolers.

Joy effervesces as readers discover treasures when touring a fictional small town in All Through My Town by Jean Reidy

A combination of vibrant, dynamic artwork by Leo Timmers and superb writing makes each page jump out.

It’s hard to create a rhyming rhythm that makes a book easy to read and remember. It’s difficult to cram action that children enjoy into each line. All Through My Town makes it look easy. Here’s the book beginning:



Rising, waking
Bread is baking

School bus honks its horn

This book is available in a variety of different formats, including an affordably priced Kindle edition. ($5.99.)  https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00DM5KF00

I’d recommend buying both a paperback or hardback edition plus the Kindle edition. You can read this on a smartphone.  It’s likely that your children or grandchildren will quickly come to love the story.  Then, while you are out and about town, you can always whip out your phone and relate the place your visiting to a similar place in the book.  Also, if you kids happen to be in a noisy mood, let them read this story.


Blaze loves playing with balls as much as she loves going for walks.

P.S. This book inspired my forthcoming book Walk, Walk, Walk, I began this book after asking myself, “What could I do that is unique but imparts the zest of Jean Reidy’s All Through My Town?”  The answer came to me when I was taking a walk with my daughter, granddaughter and their Border Collie, Blaze.  My goal was to capture the spirit of Blaze taking a walk as well as Jean Reidy captures the spirit of a walk around a town.

Authors rarely get to select the illustrator for one of their manuscripts, but wouldn’t it be interesting if the publisher commissioned Leo Timmers to do the artwork for Walk, Walk, Walk by Blaze the Border Collie (as told to Alan H. Jordan.)