Hear Yourself Read Finding Love

The easiest way to experience the power of this poem is to buy the printable .pdf version., print it, and read the poem out loud several times.  You might want to record yourself using a tape recorder, iPhone or Android.

If you want to experience the power of this poem for yourself before buying, here are several choices.

  • Click on the book’s picture. You’ll be able to preview the Kindle edition and read the poem as part of the free preview. (There’s a lot more in this Creative Edition than the poem.)
  • Read the poem out loud to yourself. Jot down how you want to fill in the blanks
  • Decide if you want to make an audio recording.
  • Use a tape recorder or an app on a smartphone to record yourself.
  • Or, call (415) 562-5265. The voice mailbox will answer right away.
    • Read the poem to the answering machine.
    • If you decide you don’t want anyone to hear the recording you just made, hang up. We will delete your message.
    • Optionally, say and then spell your name and e-mail address. It may take a couple of days, but we will send you an email with a link to your recording.
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The Monster on Top of the Bed

What if the monster under the bed was scared of the monster on top of the bed?

Meet Karrit, a friendly monster who lives under the bed of a little girl named Suzy. Karrit often heard Suzy doing kind things, and he wanted to be her friend. But one day he heard Suzy mention eating karrits… could it possibly be true?

One day Karrit was brave enough to climb above the bed to meet Suzy. He figured if he was friendly enough, Suzy wouldn’t eat him. But what would happen when the monster from under the bed met the girl who slept on top?

The Monster On Top of the Bed is a heartwarming story about two opposites who discover they have fears and dreams in common, even though they live on different sides of the bed.

Find out what happens to Karrit and Suzy in this charming children’s book that’s suitable for children of all ages.

The Monster on Top of the Bed

The Monster on Top of the Bed

Bloggers Say:

By Macaroni Kid:

The Monster on Top of the Bed” is such a fantastic story and so well written that my daughter literally went to bed on her own the first night I read it to her! Seriously! Score!”


The Monster on Top of the Bed flips the idea around, like the famous Disney Movie Monsters Inc., and bases the story on the concept that it’s the monsters that are actually afraid of the children.


Last week a new book arrived in the mail… The Monster on Top of the Bed by Alan Jordan.

Since then we have read it so many times that I have lost count. It is now one of those books that you somewhat memorize and can recite without actually reading the pages!

All 3 of my kids, aged 18 months, 5 yrs, and 7 yrs, have brought the book out to read either independently or for me to read to them, without suggestion or prompting! …The book was good and that is not an understatement. There is nothing like a good book, but it was the silliness of the monster’s interpretation of Suzy and the illustration that really makes the book a winner!

The graphics are great! Bold colors reminiscent of Pixar’s Monsters Inc. I also have to give the author props for adding free downloaded recorded readings of the book with multi-lingual capacity that can even go on your iPod! … Overall I have to say that the book was a huge success… especially since all the recent purchases at the school book fair have been totally ignored since this book came in the mail!



The Monster on Top of the Bed! It empowers children to discover (1) How to banish monsters; (2) that friendship conquers fear, and (3) that the key to making friends is The Golden Rule.

Special Features


Gorgeous Artwork

The ice-cream parlor delicious artwork automatically displays in two-page spreads. The words scale to whatever size device you are using. Plus, the book includes pop-up text so that the words can easily be read even on small devices like phones. This is great for entertaining children when you’re on the run.

Grab a copy now, or give The Monster on Top of the Bed as a gift. Your children or grandchildren will thank you!

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Many Kinds of Love

Many Kinds of Love

M. J. Jin, illustrator of Many Kinds of Love.

Many Kinds of love is a poem that children and adults love. M.J. Jin’s appealing artwork and my peaceful story make for interesting bedtime reading that relaxes children and helps them sleep through the night.

Here’s an example of four proposed pages. If you’d like to know when it’s available, please use my contact page.

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Brave New Leaf

Snap! You’re five again.  Your best friend has moved away. You want to make new friends, but you’re scared. Your mom comes in and is angry because you’ve left your jacket on the floor. You know you did it to see if you could get away with it. You’re concerned that you’re going to make your dad angry because you got model airplane glue on your desk.

Seeking to escape, you pick up BRAVE NEW LEAF by Alan H. Jordan for the hundredth time and read about Buddy the Leaf, who is scared of opening before the killer frosts disappear. Buddy figures out the right time to unfurl and wins the First Leaf of Spring award. You resolve to be more like Buddy—to think things through before you do them. You feel better. This is going to be a wonderful day, maybe you’ll even do something so right that you’ll win an award.

I think of Brave New Leaf as a unique meld of the qualities of Tap the Magic Tree (cycles of life), Brave Squish Rabbit (conquering one’s fears) and Beekle (building friendships and willingness to take a chance.)

This story takes place in the Spring (on Earth Day) and is the first of four manuscripts that were inspired by Tap the Magic TreeHere are the planned titles.

  • Spring – Brave New Leaf
  • Summer – Pumping it Out – Explores how Buddy the Leaf feels as he contributes to the well-being of his tree and the forest it is in, by “pumping out” energy.
  • Fall – Feeling Brown – Buddy the Leaf’s is afraid of dying until he realizes a fact of nature.
  • Winter – Full Cycle – Buddy the leaf transcends death as he becomes part of the soil, and shares the secrets that he’s learned with tree buds through haiku.

Request the manuscript.


I Appreciate My Fans

It is unlikely that my fans will ever come together in an event like a soccer game or a concert. The private nature of being a writer means that I have to do more to earn and keep your loyalty.  I pledge to do everything in my power to make you feel great about being one of my fans, and if you’re not a fan yet, I invite you to become one.

Rewards for My Fans

I’ve earned loyal fans by writing books that address children’s needs in unique ways. I created a special Creative Edition of The Monster on Top of the Bed. It empowers children to write their stories directly on the Italian-ice-cream-parlor-delicious artwork of Manuela Pentangelo.

I give away digital downloads of some of my work for children and adults, including the Creative Edition of The Monster on Top of the Bed.  A printable .pdf file lets parents and teachers help children practice before the child writes in the printed book.  The CD/small booklet version of the book reads the story in several languages. I make the soundtrack of this CD available for free to any of my fans when they have purchased a book or CD.

I’ll do whatever I can to convince my publishers to provide resources that fans will enjoy.  Just let me know what would make you feel cherished.

My Five-Year Goals

My five-year goals include having two-to-five New York Times best-selling picture books. I appreciate your spreading the word about my writing and anything you can do to help motivate publishers to print large runs.

Help Me Help Children

If these strategies resonate with you, I’d appreciate your help.  If they don’t feel right to you, please use my contact page to express your thoughts and feelings.

  1. If you happen to know of a publisher that you feel would want to publish one of my books, please let me know. I need to recruit publishers for the books that you see listed under Polished Manuscripts.
  2.  If you have a favorite manuscript that you would like to see published first, please let me know. I need to polish the books that you see itemized on this website under Beta Manuscripts and submit them to publishers.
  3. If you happen to know someone who might like a visit, please let me know. I will visit schools and other organizations to teach students and adults writing techniques.  These may be (1) In-person visits; (2) Virtual Visits (webinars); or (3) telephone conferences.
  4. If you are a social media type person and are interested in helping me get the word out, please let me know. I need to use social media more.
  5. If you someone who might be interested in doing a story about me or any of my current or forthcoming books, please ask them to contact me. You will help me to reach out to bloggers, radio shows, TV shows and other media.

To reach out to me, please use my contact page.

To Buy The Monster on Top of the Bed

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Warm Inside

When I was a child, I used to walk with my father through wild fields. We would stop, and my dad would show me a Sassafras tree and let me taste the bark, which tastes similar to licorice or root beer. Later that field gave way to a long shopping center. Our walks are a treasured memory, and I’m wondering if it is worth trying to transfer them to a picture book.

Here’s the first draft of a beginning and ending.  Please use my contact form to let me know if you feel Warm Inside is worth writing.

“One more story, Pop-pop, please.”

“I’ve already read you two books, Shanna.”

“One more story, Pop-pop, please.”

“It’s time to close your eyes and drift off to sleep.”

“Please, tell me about the Sassafras tree and how it helps you fall fast asleep by making you feel all warm inside.”

Usually, I fall asleep quickly because there’s an itty-bitty warm spot in me that spreads and makes me feel good all over. But sometimes something in me feels cold, and I have trouble drifting into dreamland. That’s when I think about the Sassafras tree.”

Middle: We go for a walk through open fields that now have given way to shopping centers, and my father and I pick sarsaparilla bark. Eventually, we wind up at a deli and have homemade chicken noodle soup. Q&A show that the area has changed dramatically. We discover that change has its benefits.

A concept for the ending:
“I feel warmer already, Pop-Pop.”
And when Sasha fell asleep Pop-Pop kissed her a special good night kiss and said, “Sleep tight,” Pop-Pop felt warm inside.


Racecar Dreams

Racecar Dreams by Sharon Chriscoe is serving as a model text for Alan Jordan's forthcoming book with the working title of either Safari Sam or Turbo Tim.A quick read through of Racecar Dreams by Sharon Chriscoe with illustrations by Dave Mottram reveals an exciting day for a racecar who is intensely focused on his goals.

He’s so focused that he falls asleep dreaming about winning the big race.  If you have children who play any form of sports, that might sound familiar. Most children and kids who are into sports will love this book because it validates their passion.

What’s not so obvious is the absence of a traditional arc in the story.  Most stories resolve children’s problems. Racecar doesn’t have a an issue. That makes it hard to get a publisher. Racecar Dreams is not a “kid solves problem” book like Brave Squish Rabbit or a super-quiet bedtime book like The Quiet Book.  Ms. Chriscoe convinced a major publisher to invest in the book by revealing Racecar’s  vision.

Further, Racecar Dreams works because Sharon Chriscoe employs the skilled use of poetic meter in the story.  Also, many children like the idea of a little noise (e.g. “vroom”) at bedtime.  When Chriscoe’s story, which parallels many of the things that children do as they get ready to go to bed, is combined with the playful and colorful illustrations of Dave Mottram a book that’s a joy to read at bedtime results.  Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.

I read Racecar Dreams, and I am Jazz on the same day, and I asked myself, “What can I write that will have the beauty and energy of Racecar Dreams combined with a social statement that helps children who are “different” to feel good about themselves.  The answer came back quickly–a book about wheelchairs that zip and zoom around to help children enjoy life.  I’ve been working on that book for a year now.  I’m not sure if it will wind up with the name of Safari Sam, Turbo Tim, or Wheelchair Fantasies.  

My focus for the last year has been making having a wheelchair that wants to do zoo tours, but I’m thinking of expanding the scope of the story.

Two things that I do know is that I will eventually finish it and that it will help special needs children feel proud of their accomplishments.

I’m not sure if the book will be in rhyme or prose. I keep going back and forth between the two, so I’d appreciate your giving me your opinion.

Please use my contact form to let me know which title you prefer and any opinions you have about rhyme, meter or content. Thanks. 😃



The Quiet Book

The Quiet Book, written by Deborah Underwood inspired Alan Jordan to write a number of soothing forthcoming books like Many Kinds of Love.The next time that you want to put your children to bed, pull out The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood and illustrator Renata Liwska and read it with them.

It’s a soothing story that helps a child to relax and think about the world in a slightly different way because it helps them to revisit different times of the day when they naturally want to be or appreciate, quiet.

Wanting to be quiet is important to children. Kids hate to be told to be quiet. It doesn’t seem fair to them, besides they don’t think of themselves as being noisy. There’s no moral in this story that says be quiet. A strange thing happened when my daughter (who is all grown up with a kid of her own) reflected upon the quiet moments that happened during her day–she unwound and was both relaxed and serene

Renata Liwska’s illustrations are as close as you can come to holding a teddy bear when all you have is a book. The artwork tells it’s own story, which usually is the case with well-illustrated books. I can only hope that she will one day illustrate some of my work.

When I read this book, I immediately took out a stack of sticky notes and started writing my own, completely different story, about different types of love.  I thought it would be easy. Guess what? I’m still working on the manuscript for Many Kinds of Love.  The amount of time that has passed, over six months, shows me how challenging the task of writing The Quiet Book probably was for Deborah Underwood.

Well, why not.  The easiest to read books are often the most complex to write.  In children’s picture books, every word counts. You won’t find an extra word in The Quiet Book. And, I did not notice any extraneous strokes in the illustrations. (I want Renata Liwska to illustrate one of my forthcoming books.)

Perhaps the perfect simplicity of The Quiet Book why it’s won so many awards.

By the way, the Kindle edition of The Quiet Book is inexpensive, so you can buy a copy for your phone and always have it handy when you’re traveling, and need something to quiet the kids down after a long day on the road or adventure.




A story based on two photographs that I took in Costa Rica

I took these two photographs in Costa Rica.  They are the seed of inspiration for a book that I’ll probably call Harmony & Melody.

The story will be about a turtle (Harmony) that wants to make a difference in the world, but no matter what turtles do they can’t really make a difference compared to humans.

Harmony collaborates with a woman (Melody.) They overcome many obstacles. Eventually, their artwork creates a social awareness and the combination of Harmony makes a huge difference in the world.

Stay tuned.

















We’re Both Winners

Denny Dumptruck has to carry waste water. Unhappy, he bullies, & almost kills Racetruck. Then, Denny changes gears.

About We’re Both Winners

  • Allows children to discover the days of the week.
  • Gentle story that helps bullies see that they may be better off not bullying
  • Many exciting illustration possibilities.

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