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What People are Saying about The Monster on Top of the Bed Family of books

It’s always wonderful when people help me to spread the word about how the books in The Monster on Top of the Bed family are helping children.

Here is information on a few of the articles that were posted on different websites a couple of years ago. I’ve been bad about tooting my own horn. It’s something I need to do more often.

  • The Palmetto Queen – Comprehensive review, including this “I have tried telling my little guy things like bees are more afraid of him than he is of them, but it didn’t work and I never thought to use it with the other stuff like monsters. This book put it into perspective for him and he gets it. Now, if something scares him, he’ll as me, “is it scared of me mommy?” I love that because this book has opened up learning opportunities every time we turn around and he always asks to read it before bed.
    My favorite part of the book is something that the children can say themselves when they are frightened. I actually hear Tbomb saying this a lot. “
  • My Crazy, Comical Insane Life – A comprehensive review of the Creative Edition of The Monster on Top of the Bed. It includes, “This book has been a great help in encouraging my son to sleep in his own bed and not be scared of the dark which has been great for everyone. My son made his own assumptions that the monsters were more scared of people then we are of them and that he shouldn’t be worried or scared of what is under the bed. He also said that he shouldn’t be scared of something because it looks different.”
  • Marksville and Me – Discusses the family of books, and includes this comment, “Try writing a book with your child to overcome a fear they have. It has been proven that if a child writes it they have a greater ability to overcome their own fears, as well as feeling very proud of the book they just made.  This is not a new concept to our family, matter of fact something we have been doing since our first born over 24 years ago.
    I remember all of my children writing their own books. Oh how proud they were. The wrote anything from scribbles and pictures to full-blown illustrated books, that we still have to this day. We all enjoy sitting down and looking through these books, learning about what their fears were as well as the things that were interesting to them when they wrote each book.
    My youngest two daughters and my granddaughter both enjoyed the story. We are planning on writing our own books very soon. They can now add their books to the shelf with their siblings, and parents. “
  • Daddy Waddy  Weeviews – A father shows his daughter using My Monster on Top of the Bed. Part of his comments are: ” My Monster On Top Of The Bed is a creativity stimulator book. Your kids look at the pictures and write their own stories. My daughter loves books like this because she is a very creative little girl…. Each child has their own particular monster that makes it hard for them to sleep. Mine was my father who was an angry drunk. My daughter has her own version. She seems to think noises and stuff at night could be monsters trying to get out of her closet.”
  • Free Range Mommy by Ashley – A wonderful book review which includes a photo of her son reading the Kindle version of The Monster on Top of the Bed on a tablet.
  • Elite Mama’s Blog – Comprehensive review which includes this, “With George, it’s gotten to the point where the kids need a night light, the hallway or the bathroom light on and the bedroom across from his room closed. It’s hectic… But, it’s not as bad as before. At least now we can turn the lights off when he’s asleep and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he’s not screaming about it being too dark. We do keep the night light on though for him. Plus, he isn’t staying up as late as he was before! To be quite honest, I would have to say that The Monster on Top of the Bed book helped him sleep a bit better at night. … (The bold part of the comment is my emphasis.  It was not bolded in the review.)
  • The Mom Summary Book Review by Jessa (I’m a mom who loves reviewing products, finding great deals, making D.I.Y. projects, sharing tips & tricks.)
  • Sweeping Mommy – Detailed book review of The Monster on Top of the Bed by Tammie with the following comments by Bella, “I liked everything in the story,even her mom when she asked what the creature looked like. I liked the sounds that the Karret made and that he thought that the tomatoes had legs. I thought it was funny that he thought the girl on the bed was a monster. If there was a monster under my bed I would hit it with a pan and go away, unless he was nice like Karret and then I would make friends with him.”
  • Tina’s Coupon Swap  – Review of the Kindle Edition, including “The whole purpose of this book is for your child to use his or her imagination and pretty much write their own story. They look at the beautiful illustrations, and use their imagination to create their own stories, and let me tell you, for my kids, they are never the same stories! It is very cute to watch them interact with each other and come up with stories together! I would say Alan did an excellent job with this Companion book to My Monster On top Of My Bed, and I would highly recommend buying this on Kindle for $2.99 and watching your children come up with their own story!”
  • Amy and Aaron’s Real Life Reviews by Amy and AaronBooks, Books and More Books –  Review of the Creative Edition. Includes, “Very cute children’s books.  My niece and nephew loved them.  A new favorite bedtime book. give these books 4.5 out of 5 clouds.”
  • Life Warp in Borneo By Jesselton (Product reviews, and sharing her shopping experience with online shops!)
  • Mom at 40 – Single foster mom blogging about the joys and challenges of motherhood.
  • Heather Gracias’ Blog – A blog featuring book reviews and products of interest to moms and their childrenD
  • Domestic Chanteuse – Recap of story
  • Cassandra’s Place – Review of the family of books
  • 365 Days of Reading – Book excerpt of The Monster on Top of the Bed
  • I Heart Reading – 5* Review of The Monster on Top of the Bed with a comment about My Monster on Top of the Bed
  • The Cajun Book Lover – 5 Adorable Stars review of The Monster on Top of the Bed.
  • The Book Gazette – Book excerpt and review.
  • Irish Kawaii – A brief comment that includes, “about an adorable little monster that is discovered by a little girl. She finds out he isn’t scary and they have fun learning and playing together. Very cute!”

Here’s an author interview that I did as part of a Blog Tour http://majankaverstraete.com/2014/12/author-interview-with-alan-h-jordan/

And finally, a guest post that I did about the heart-to-heart communication with children that the books convey:  https://editorcharlene.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/guest-post-the-monster-on-top-of-the-bed/


Loving Faces

Loving Faces is a perfect first book to share with their little ones right from the start. Grandparents and parents discover a way to express the fullness of their love for an infant.


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One, Two, Three–More or Less

About 123 More or Less

  • 170 word PB Counting Book
  • Shows diverse family situations
  • Develops set recognition


More or Less


One cat,
Two kittens.
Family of three.

Two puppies,
One cat.
Family of three.

One Kitten,
Two Cats
Family of three.

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“Dragon Eggs?” or The World’s Most Amazing Chicken

Idea Genesis

Hannah Harrison's delightful book Extraordinary Jane

Hannah Harrison’s delightful book

The top illustration, which reminded me of two brother dragons, plus reading Hannah Harrison’s book, Extraordinary Jane, got me to thinking about writing a book that demonstrates that anyone can be extraordinary (like Hannah Harrison did in her book). I want to approach the lesson in a totally different way.  Hanna’s book was published in 2015.  Perhaps we can even co-author a book together. That’s an idea I’m going to explore.

IMPORTANT:  This is an idea. It will be revised and refined.

Possible Plot Line

A mother dragon is caring for four eggs – bright green, bright magenta, bright yellow and dull white. The eggs hatch. The first three are dragons. The last one does hatch right away. The mother dragon warms the dull white egg with a touch of fire and it hatches.  Out pops a chicken.

The chicken imprints on the mother dragon, who feeds it dragon milk.

As time goes by the chicken does not feel special at all.  But one day, an event happens and the chicken is able to save a number of dragon eggs from a  predator by shooting out fire despite the fact that she is a chicken.  The marauder flees.  But one of the eggs has fallen from the nest into a stream which is ice cold. It starts to shiver.

The chicken pushes the egg out of the water and sits on it and until, just as the mother dragon comes in, it hatches, and all are well.

The chicken is deemed the World’s Most Amazing Chicken.

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Billy Paints a New Day


A dark cloud followed Billy everywhere that he went. Lightning flashed. Rain fell on him. Well, that part is not true, but it sure felt like that to Billy.

Billy banged the stiff paint brush down on the ground. He knew could not paint his mom’s bird house with the brush. The stupid brush could not bend.

Everything was going great for his big sister. Evelyn was all happy and singing songs…

… but things were not going great for Billy.

His bad luck started this morning. When he pulled the toys out of his closet looking for Sky Chief. He found Sky Chief when he heard a CRAAAACK that made his tummy feel sick.

The End

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bq2l_energy_icon_020913 copy

Hi Alan — Congrats on Grandfatherhood! I love the story behind this story.

My questions:

1. Why does Jack the Cat need to narrate this story? If he does, why are the number of whiskers he has important? Should Jack just be a character in his own separate book? Because he is kind of cool!

2. Counting books are still popular at my library and I think this would fit in with that “genre.” But I would make this story more clearly in Miss Liss’s POV. Also, “Miss Liss” makes her sound like a teacher or adult or something, not a baby. Can she just be “Lissy” or another name?

Good luck!

bq2l_energy_icon_020913 copy

Although we all love the little games we create with our kids, it’s hard to translate them into books. My primary concern for this is that the illustrations would just be of faces and fingers. I’m not sure they would hold a toddler’s attention. Also, I don’t think Lissy is thinking like a four-month old. Her thoughts sound far older.

I must agree … about the cat. He does sound cool.

I hope this is helpful.

bq2l_energy_icon_020913 copy

Hello Alan,
A school for toys is a fun idea:) Reminds me of Rudolph & the Island of Misfit Toys.
I agree with …’s advice. As written, the principal comes up with the solution. Also, there’s no build up of tension. And as … mentioned also mentioned, bully-turns-friend is a common theme, so yours would really need to stand out. Can kids relate to your characters?
Are they cheering for Salt Shaker Egg? The characters are a bit confusing to me. The combination of toys and knickknacks is curious…knickknacks as I know them are not meant to be played with. And the bully is not even a knickknack, but a hard boiled ostrich egg?
Is there some reason these two characters need to be eggs? It seems arbitrary. Think about how you can make your two main characters more fun and relatable to young kids, and let the story grow from there!
 bq2l_energy_icon_020913 copy